Chef'sChoice EdgeCraft 2 Stage Sportsman Professional 41 Diamond Hone Knife Shar

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Edge Craft sharpeners use 100% diamond abrasives, the world's hardest known material. This sharpens any alloy metal faster, more efficiently, and will never ruin the Temper of your edge. The Diamonds keep the sharpening surface cooler than other materials can, so as to not harm the knife, only sharpen it. Our patented, flexible spring knife guides ensure precise angle control and eliminate guesswork. This leads to foolproof results, with no stress that you will ruin the edge angle as you work. The 41's multi-stage design both sharpens the edge, and then hones to a razor sharp finish. The 41 can also sharpen serrated blade knives! this sharpener can be used for pocket, fillet, kitchen and household knives.

  • For sharpening all types of knives, including hunting, fishing, pocket, kitchen and household knives
  • Sharpens both Straight edge and serrated knives to better than factory sharpness
  • 100% diamond abrasive sharpening surfaces
  • Patented flexible spring knife guides ensure precise angle control and eliminate guesswork
  • Safe for quality knives, to never distemper
  • Two stage sharpening for stronger and more durable edges
    Stage 1 - sharpens using 100% Find diamond abrasives
    Stage 2 - hones the edge Using ultra Fine 100% diamond abrasives

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