6-Compartment Restaurant Utensil Holder KTBL-408

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Model: KTBL-408
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Times Are Changing???

???Businesses have become more health conscious. Now that the world is opening up again, you may be looking for new storage solutions that are sanitary. On top of preparing for business to come in again, there are few things more stressful than a cluttered workstation. Keep your business tidy and silverware clean and dry with Back of House, Ltd.'s 6-tier compartment utensil holder ??? complete with cup inserts! Use in your kitchen, buffet, dishwasher room, serving area, or just anywhere that needs an organization makeover.

Why You'll Love It

Back of House, Ltd. offers restaurant quality products you can trust, at a price you will love.

Sure, you could get a stainless-steel organizer. While it may look pretty, stainless steel is a magnet for unsightly fingerprints, which can disturb your customers and make the place feel dirty. Plastic storage requires less wipe downs. Built with sanitation in mind, this caddy

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