Fortin Evo???one & T???harness For Select Nissan Chevrolet Infiniti And Suzuki 2

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FORTIN EVO-ONE & T-Harness for select Nissan, Chevrolet, infiniti and Suzuki 2004-2020

All-In-One Remote Starter, Security System and Data Interface Fortin All-In-One Remote Starter, Security System and Data Interface

1x EVO-ONE remote starter and alarm interface module
1x THAR-ONE-NIS5 harness
1x Valet switch with 36? wires (2-pin plug)
1x Hood pin switch
1x Warning/Attention sticker

Advanced Features: Built-In Alarm System, Stand Alone Remote Starter,
OEM Remote Monitoring & 3X Lock Remote Starter

• Uses factory key to start vehicle remotely
• Digital Remote Starter – High or Low Current
• Built-In Alarm
• Full Immobilizer Bypass
• Largest Remote Start from the OEM Remote Function Coverage (3x Lock Or Lock-Unlock-Lock)
• Works with RF Kits for Range Extension
• Convenience Functions Control
• Works with Smartphone Remote Starter App Telematic Devices
• Compatible with Automatic and Manual Transmission Vehicles
• 5 Programmable Circuit-Board Relays
• Compatible with Dcryptor Technology


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