Hammer Throw Glove, XL STRK-020

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Left Hand Fit Hammer Throw Gloves for Right Handed Throwers!

As one of the four throwing events in modern track and field, the hammer throw is one of the most exciting spectacles of strength and skill! It takes extra attention to form and technique and it's easy to make mistakes without having the right equipment. These hammer throw gloves are essential for any hammer throw athletes. They fit onto the left hand, made for right handed throwers. These gloves are made of soft and sturdy leather for comfort and feel. The leather protects fingers from injury. Features a wide wrist strap for support. Hook and loop fasteners can be loosened or tightened to your needs.

Choose a Size:

Find your perfect fit of glove with 3 sizes to choose from: Medium, Large, and Extra-Large. The Medium gloves are 9" x 4.5". The Large gloves are 10" x 5". The XL gloves are 10.5" x 5".

Why You'll Love It:

These hammer throw gloves will need to be broken in during practices due to its high-quality leather materials before being competition ready. Again, these are left hand fit gloves made for the right handed throwers.


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