Injen Hydroshield Prefilter - Black

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Injen Hydroshield Prefilter - Black

Confirmed fitment on Injen X-1012, X-1013, X-1014, X-1015, and X-1056 air filters

Injen Technologys Hydroshield are designed to enhance the efficiency of any air filter, including Injens SuperNano-Web and our 8-Layer oiled cotton gauze air filters. Injens Hydroshield is constructed from a proprietary base media and then treated with a hydrophobic water-repellent. Our Hydroshield is UV resistant, can stop contaminants down to .005, is puncture resistant, and has elasticity characteristics which helps the Hydroshield to return to the original shape/position after servicing.
Injens Hydroshields are engineered to divert damaging contaminants, which can clog your air filter and compromise peak air-flow and horsepower output. Injens Hydroshield also extends the time between servicing intervals, reducing costs and improving the overall user experience.

Direct fit for many Injen air filters and/or universal applications
Average Dimension of 6.0"e; Base x 5.0"e; Tall x 5"e; Top
Shielding the filter from contaminants resulting in more power
Extends the service life of your air filter
Hydrophobic treatment to help repel water (does not make your filter water proof)
Made in Pomona California, USA

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