Nautic Alert Indoor Perimeter Wired Motion Sensor

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Manufacturer: Nautic Alert
Model: MX-40PI-T5
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Indoor Perimeter Wired Motion Sensor

MX-40PI-T5 is an advanced wide angle wired indoor motion sensor that combines state of the art microwave and PIR technologies. It is ideal for galley-style areas with high levels of air drafts due to marine air conditioners, open doors, hatches, and companionways, where drastic temperature changes are present. Microwave technology prevents temperature-related noise from triggering false alerts.

MX-40PI-T5 incorporates Anti-Crosstalk technology to prevent false alarms caused by interference when several detectors are operating in the same area, and also use Quad Zone Logic, which can differentiate between humans, pets, and other sources of infrared radiation.

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