Stainless Steel 7" Pizza Stand KTBL-601

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Manufacturer: Brybelly
Model: KTBL-601
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Elevate Your Game

Tired of crowding your restaurant's tables with oversize dishes for pizza and appetizers? Throw a Back of House pizza stand on the table to elevate your game - and your cuisine! This 6.5 inch food stand is large enough to hold a pizza pan, app tray, dessert menu, or even tapas above the table without crowding drinking cups, silverware, and the menu. Your servers, hosts, and hostess employees will be able to do their job more quickly and effectively, and keep your customers happy. Just don't forget the pizza!

Why You'll Love It

Don't skimp on the essentials! A 6.5 x 9 x 9 food riser will save a ton of effort in the long run. Whether your bar is the busiest in town or just getting started, make sure your servers are operating at peak efficiency from kitchen to dining area and back. This food stand will ensure your staff has everything they need to keep pizza and large food items off the table and on the right track.

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