Wiha Picofinish Screwdriver Tweezers Smartphone Tech Set Roll Pouch - 11 Piece S

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Wiha 11 Piece PicoFinish Screwdriver Tweezers Smartphone Tech Set Roll Pouch

The Wiha PicoFinish precision screwdriver set has all the sizes you need to repair the latest iphone's and devices.
Exact fit tips in sizes Y000, Pentalobe PL1, Torx T3 to T6, and slotted and phillips, plues ESD Safe tweezers in a .

The premium roll up pouch securely holds your screwdrivers when no in use. Just unroll to get to work on fixing an iphone screen, apple watches, or whatever device you need to repair. You can be confident in Wiha's precision machined tips and quality controls used in manufacturing to ensure an exact fit into the smallest screws like the Y000.

• PicoFinish Precision Screwdrivers
Smooth Rotating cap with tip size and icon for easy identification
Comfortable grip precision screwdriver for precision screws
Blade high alloy CVM steel, hardened, hard chromed
ChromTop finish on tip for a perfect fit

roll up pouch

Precision Sizes Included:
• Phillips
#000 x 134mm OAL
#00 x 134mm OAL
#0 x 150mm OAL

• Torx
T3 x 134mm OAL
T4 x 134mm OAL
T5 x 134mm OAL
T6 x 140mm OAL

• Pentalobe
PL1 x 134mm OAL

• Triwing or Y-Type
Y000 x 134mm OAL

• Slotted
1.8mmx0.3mm ~ 1/16"e; x 134mm OAL

• ESD Safe Tweezers
Special alloyed, non-rusting, stainless Steel
Coated by ESD-Safe dissipative material
Anti magnetic and acid resistant
Static Dissipative
Special alloyed, Non-Rusting, Stainless Steel
Coated by ESD-Safe Dissipative Material
Anti Magnetic and Acid resistant
For all current Electronics Applications
PSF SA - 125mm


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