Biocide Msqr15 Marine Shocker Odor Eliminator Quick Release Vapor

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Marine Shocker™ ClO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) Odor Eliminator Quick Release Vapor

Guaranteed to leave your boat smelling fresh!
Removes all odors from Mildew, Fish, Food, etc.

When your boat has been taken over by fish odor or that traditional "e;boat smell,"e; it can be difficult to relax and unwind. Using harsh chemicals and toxins, which are found in many cleaning products, is not ideal when you are in an environment where food (the fish!) is going to be prepared and eaten. Instead, use Biocide Systems Marine Shocker odor eliminators, and the only time you'll spend getting rid of boat odor is no more than the few minutes it takes you to open up the package. Marine Shockers are patented chlorine dioxide vapor generators that safely neutralize and eliminate odor. You can't avoid fish odor on a boat, but you can get rid of it with Marine Shocker odor eliminators from Biocide Systems!

• Fast acting, will completely eliminate the toughest odors in as little as 4 hours and a maximum of 24 hours depending on severity
• Hygienically deodorize any boat/marine interior up to 300 cubic feet
• Not a masking agent; Bio-Shock will destroy odor at it's source
• Strongest odor eliminator available
• For tough and severe odor problems
• Uses revolutionary technology
• Super odor-eliminating power
• Chlorine Dioxide is extremely effective
• Safe for all marine interiors


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