Cmple Wire Trak On A Roll 1/2Inch H X 1Inch W - 50 Ft, White, Ra

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Wire Track On A Roll 1/2inch H x 1inch W - 50 FT, White, Raceway, Cable Management Low profile and paintable surface allow this surface mount raceway to be used on installations where minimum presence is required. Just rollout the length you need, cut with ordinary scissors, and fold into a rigid channel shape. Then remove the tape backing and apply to clean dry surface. Load wires or cable and snap shut. 4 sizes. Knowing that up to 100 feet of raceway packed in a box the size of a pizza box is always on hand is comforting also. Features: Folds into a rigid PVC channel for wire or cable installations Easy storage for up to 50 ft. of raceway Low cost - High quality Perfect for around windows and doors Adhesive backing for fast-easy installation UL94VO Rated - flame retardant PVC Latex Paintable Installation Guide:Step 1Lay out and check over installation plan before sticking in place. Measure how much cable you want to cover. (Remember to apply the WireTrak to clean, dry surfaces.)Step 2Fold back approximately 1 inch of adhesive liner on an angle exposing liner from under Wire Trak on both ends and place in position to check alignment. Once in correct position, slowly remove balance of adhesive liner from under the Wire Trak. Press into position. Step 3Push the side of raceway to release the lock and open. Load wire and snap the cover closed. Use accessories to complete layout. The basic installation requires no tools. Wire Trak can be cut using hacksaw with fine-tooth blade. Wire Trak may be painted.
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